VOCE offers instrumentalists, vocalists and ensembles the opportunity to compete within their age group and be evaluated.

Registration will open in November and close Dec. 15, 2016. Information regarding repertoire requirements, Age Divisions and fees are available on the state website.

There are two categories: Competitive and Non-Competitive, and two formats: Solo performance and Ensemble performance.


Wendy Castille, Chair
e: [ email ]

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Event Information:

  • Sun


    8:00 amChapman University, Orange, CA


Registration: To participate in VOCE program for 2017 you need to use the new MTAC system. Please log in to new.mtac.org. Use your existing MTAC username and password. Once logged in, you will be prompted to change to a new password. Once you have created an account in the new MTAC website, click on the box labeled “VOCE” and then click on the arrow next to “resources” for complete information regarding the VOCE program.

As part of the program’s application process, you are required to submit your student’s birth certificate to the MTAC State Office. More details about this procedure will be announced shortly.


Soloists: $50
Ensemble Members: $40

All payments will be made directly by parents online through the MTAC Parents’ Portal at new.mtac.org by December 31, 2015. Parents will need to set up an account within the system once they have received the confirmation request from the teacher. Please allow plenty of time to complete this process.