Composers Today: Evaluations


The State Evaluation registration must be completed online. Check the State website and then click on Composers Today. Original compositions by either a teacher or a student are submitted by January 15 for evaluation. Each entrant receives a certificate as well as comments, suggestions and ratings by two evaluators. Pieces with a rating of 4 or 5 may be submitted by April 15 to the Composers Today State Symposium Chair for consideration for Convention Symposium Recitals.

All student entrants are invited to play at the Composers’ Festival Recital.


Laurie Fischer-Blaisdell, Chair
e: [ email ]
t: 714-392-5026

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To Apply: All applications are online via the MTAC website. Log into your teacher home page, then click on Composers Today.


Fee: Varies according to length of composition, starting at $45.00.



Requirements: Any student or teacher, any level or age. Composition manuscript must be done entirely by the composer, either by hand or computer.