Dues Policy


Combined statements for branch and state dues will be sent out in the spring by the state MTAC office. Members should pay their dues promptly. Members whose dues are not postmarked by July 31st will not be listed in the state or branch directories and will be required to be reinstated. This is done by filling out a change of status form, paying state and branch dues and a $40.00 reinstatement fee.

Current members whose dues are not postmarked by July 31st will not be able to participate in any state program including Certificate of Merit and will be required to reinstate. New applications will also have to be approved by the board and postmarked by July 31st in order for that person to participate in state programs (including Certificate of Merit). Membership transfers will have to be accurately completed and postmarked by September 30 in order to participate in all state programs.

These policies are subject to change. Changes will be reported in the Orange County Branch newsletter.

Please keep the branch and state records up to date by regularly updating your CM Teacher Info page on the branch website, www.MTAC.org, with changes in name, address, phone number, e-mail address or other pertinent information. Also, you may contact the branch Membership Secretary, Sophia Su at [ email ] or 949-689-9511.

2016-17 DUES




Provisional, and Business Affiliate$106$35
Members 70 to 79 **$53$20
Members 80 and over **$0$0
Reinstatement fee ($15 State, and $15 Branch)$40-
New member application fee$40-
Provisional and Business Affiliate$120-
Cal Plan$106$40
* Rates subject to change.
** Members 70 and over must request a change in dues in writing.
** Members 80 and over, a minimum past membership of 10 years required.