Sept. 15 CM Virtual Teacher Training available at Training must be completed AND teachers must pass quiz.
Oct. 1Database opens for CM Enrollment
Oct. 1Online System opens for creating applications and entering repertoire
Oct. 20Deadline to submit Special Needs Accommodation Request form online.
Oct. 31Deadline for CM enrollment
Oct. 1-Nov. 5After the application is created, parents must pay CM fees online by the Nov. 5 deadline. No changes can be made after payment is processed.
Nov. 5Final Deadline to pay CM fees online
Jan. 2-15Student Schedule requests may be entered.
Jan. 15Deadline for entering : Repertoire, schedule requests
Jan. 15Deadline to apply for: Convention Recitals, Branch Honors
Jan. 15Deadline for Panel students to revert back to Non-Panel status
Jan. 15Deadline to submit YAG Letter of Intent and repertoire
Feb. 14Deadline for Panel Regional Video Evaluation Submission
Feb. 14Deadline for Panel Applicants to complete online theory test
Feb. 14 - March 21CM Evaluations Submission Deadlines. Check Teacher Portal for your individual submission deadline.
Mar. 10Deadline for Panel Final Application to be submitted online
Mar. 21Panel Final Auditions Submissions Deadline
Mar. 28Theory Test Materials released
Apr. 15Deadline to apply for make-up evaluations, for all students with valid excuse
Apr. 15Deadline for final convention application
Apr. 15Deadline for parents to pay $45 Convention application fee online
May 15Convention Recital final schedule posted on State Website
May 31Deadline to complete Make up exam
May 31Deadline to report Evaluation Errors in the online system
TBDBranch Honors Festival