Theme Festival


2016 Branch Theme Festival (Piano only): This is an adjudicated festival with written comments for each student about their performance. The goal of the festival is to encourage all participants to express their understanding of musical style and to excel in performance. The top 25% of students will receive gold medals, 25% silver, 25% bronze and 25% with honorable mention ribbons. The judges will also select one winner from each program. A trophy will be awarded to each Program Winner. This is a great opportunity for students to practice performance skills in a helpful and friendly environment, and to embrace the challenge of competing for the trophy.

NEW: Winners’ Concert the evening of the Festival. All the Program Winners will receive a trophy at the concert. Program Winners will compete at the Winners’ Concert performing the same piece registered. The Program Winners will be divided into four age Divisions; Division 1: age 9 and below, Division II: age 12 and below, Division III: age 15 and below, Division IV: age 16 and above. The winner for each division at the Winners’ Concert will be awarded with $300 dollars. Concert is free to all.

The piece for the Winners’ Concert must be within the time limit stated below. The performer will be automatically disqualified if the piece is over the time limit for the Winners’ Concert.

Division I: 3 minutes and below (for Winners’ Concert)
Division II: 5 minutes and below (for Winners’ Concert)
Division III: 7 minutes and below (for Winners’ Concert)
Division IV: 10 minutes and below (for Winners’ Concert)

*Note: This program is NOT the same as the theme festival of the CM Convention program.

Theme: The Romantic and the Impressionistic Period (CM Syllabus page 162-164 under Romantic & Impressionism)
* Each student will play one piece or one movement only.
* Piece needs to be memorized
* Each teacher may enter up to 20 students


Ming-I Chen, Co-Chair
e: [ email ]

Frenda Yang, Co-Chair
e: [ email ]

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DivisionAge (on 11/1/16)Time Limit
I7 & under2 min.
II8 & under2 min.
III9 & under2 min.
IV10 & under3 min.
V11 & under3 min.
VI12 & under3 min.
VII13 & under5 min.
VIII14 & under5 min.
IX15 & under5 min.
X16 & under7 min.
XI18 & under7 min.
XII22 & under7 min.


Registration: Detailed instructions will be posted at a later date. For teachers who do not use a computer, please call Ming-I Chen for assistance.


Fee: $30 per student.