Theme Festival


2020 Branch Theme Festival (Piano only – Remote Event): This is an adjudicated festival with written comments for each student about their performance. The goal of the festival is to encourage all participants to express their understanding of musical style and to excel in performance. The top 25% of students will receive gold medals, 25% silver, 25% bronze and 25% with honorable mention ribbons. The judges will also select one winner from each program. A trophy will be awarded to each Program Winner. This is a great opportunity for students to practice performance skills in a helpful and friendly environment, and to embrace the challenge of competing for the trophy.

Vidoe Upload Zoom Meeting: October 19, 2020 at 10:00 AM Zoom Meeting Request Form. Meeting will be recorded for those who are not able to attend.

Festival Divisions: See “eligibility” below for Festival Divisions, ages and time limits.

Winners’ Competition: The winners selected from the Theme Festival will compete in four divisions in the Winners’ Competition.  The First Place winner from each division will compete in the Winners’ Competition using the original video.

Winners’ Competition Awards
The first-place winner in each division will be selected by a panel of three Judges to receive $200 cash award.  A second-place winner for a $100 dollar award this year to encourage more students.  

Winners’ Compeition Divisions

 Division I: 3 minutes and below (ages 9 and under)
 Division II: 5 minutes and below (ages 12 and under)
Division III: 7 minutes and below (ages 15 and under)
Division IV: 10 minutes and below (ages 16 and above)
*Note: This program is NOT the same as the theme festival of the CM Convention program.

Theme: The Classical Era (MTAC Piano Syllabus page 162-164 under “Category 2: Classical)

* Each student will play one piece or one movement only.
* Piece needs to be memorized
* Each teacher may enter up to 20 students


Video/Music Scores Upload Dates: October 27 – November 20  

Results:  December 25, 2020

Location: Video Upload Event


Ming-I Chen, Co-Chair
e: [ email ]

Wendy I. Chen, Co-Chair
e: [ email ]

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DivisionAge (on 11/1/20)Time Limit
I7 & under3 min.
II8 & under3 min.
III9 & under3 min.
IV10 & under5 min.
V11 & under5 min.
VI12 & under5 min.
VII13 & under7 min.
VIII14 & under7 min.
IX15 & under7 min.
X16 & under10 min.
XI17 & under10 min.
XII18 to 2410 min.


Registration Opens: October 1, 2020
The registration form/ link will be email to members by October 1st. Click Here for the Registration Form.
**Deadline: October 20, 2019
Upload Video and Music Score Date: October 27 – November 20. Teachers will receive an uploading form via email on October 27.

Check postmark deadline November 21, 2020

For teachers who do not use a computer, please call Ming-I Chen for assistance.



Comment Sheets/Awards: Comment sheets will be emailed to the teachers by December 25, 2020.


To find your student, look up the student number on the left. If you don’t see exact 25% of the distribution of the medals, it is because of the ties. The medals are distributed according to the score given by the judges.


Fee: $45 per student.